QNE 130

QNE Solutions 130 includes the following modules:

  • General Ledger

    The General Ledger Module is designed according to the needs of the current market and represents the contemporary and most up-to-date book-keeping techniques it offers convenient and real-time information to users with more than 70 industry-specific and ready-made templates for quick startup.

  • Accounts Receivable Module

    The Accounts Receivable Module is designed to enhance productivity and efficiency of a company’s receivables by providing up-to-date information on business transactions. Accounts Receivable modules provides function that allows users to generate real-time statement and reports for in-depth analysis on receivables and collection by period, geographical areas, customer category, customer status and salesperson.

  • Accounts Payable Module

    Is designed to efficiently manage a company’s expenditures. QNE helps you to keep accurate information on your cash management by carefully tracking and taking advantage of term discount, predicting cash requirements and tracking payment to ensure they are made only once.

  • Terms Control Checking

    There are six transaction modules allow the user to control the term control checking. Eg. Quotation, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Sales Debit Note & Credit Note, Delivery Order and Cash Sales.

  • Reset Monthly Running Number

    The system can reset the Document Running Number into 1 every beginning of the Month.

  • Report Writer (Business Document)

    Built-in Powerful report Writer that enable users to customize certain reports as desired and requirements.

  • Credit Limit Control Checking

    This Module will allow the user to check and control the credit limit of the customers in the sales cycles, stock assembly/issue cycle, etc. It will also allow the user to define the valid date for the additional credit limit approved by the management

  • Sales Module

    The Sales Module will provide the user with comprehensive features needed to actively and efficiently manage customer accounts and records.

  • Customer Sales History Module

    The Customer Sales History Module will allow users to conveniently and easily maintain and retrieve comprehensive historical information of purchases from the database according to different categories such as invoice date, customer, customer category or item category.

  • Purchases Module

    The Purchases Module will provide users with comprehensive features needed to enhance sourcing decisions by enabling the user to maintain and monitor purchase related transactions.

  • Supplier Purchases History Module

    The Supplier Purchases History Module allows user to conveniently and easily maintain and retrieve comprehensive historical information of purchases from the database according to different categories such as invoice date, customer, customer categories or item category.

  • User defined Fields

    This Module allows the User to add Fields/Description to the Transaction and can include upon customizing the Reports.

  • Stock Module

    The Stock Module offers the convenience and efficient retrieval of real time stock information. This feature allows accurate real time checking of available quantity of items in each warehouse and it prompts pre-determined substitute item for out-of-stock items. The system will automatically reduce stock count upon creation of sales invoice for accurate real time stock information at any point in time.

  • Multi Location Module

    Multi-location module allows the user to maintain its inventory on one computer system, yet track inventory at more than one site.

  • Stock Transfer Module

    The Stock Transfer Module will allow the user to systematically and efficiently manage Stock Transfers from one warehouse to another warehouse.

  • Audit Trail

    This Module enable the system tracking all activities and action done on the system by Individual Users and actions.

  • User Default Forms and Printing

    This module will allow the user to print out comprehensive reports, quotations, invoices, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Request for Quotations from Suppliers, Purchase Orders and other documents readily available up to 200 different business documents.

  • Item VAT/ GST Module

    The System Acclimatize the Local Requirements and which are mandated by Philippine Government. User allows to maintain different VAT rate and VAT types that can be used in Transaction. Thus, generate reports.

  • Withholding Tax Module

    The system Acclimatize also its local requirement. Withholding tax is a government requirement for the payer of an item of income to withhold or deduct tax from the payment, and pay that tax to the government.